Diavit Herbs Ingredients To Maintain A Healthy and Normal Blood Sugar Level

diavit herbs
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Diavit Herbs ( formerly branded as Diabeat ) is composed of all natural ingredients specially manufactured to help you maintain a very healthy and normal blood sugar level.

Instead of you doing the hard work to extract the important essentials of these natural components, Diavit Herbs is now offered in capsule form containing a perfect mixture of the following ingredients.


Ampalaya is the 1st major component of Diavit Herbs capsule.

Ampalaya – also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd – is a tropical vine that belongs to the gourd family. Despite its bitter and unappealing taste, it is actually very good for your health – it is rich in different vitamins and minerals, notably Vitamin C, calcium, iron, and fiber.

Did you know that despite its bitter and unappealing taste, ampalaya is actually very good for your health? It offers numerous health benefits.

For Pre-diabetes or Diabetic patients – it helps control and lower blood sugar. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels, boosting your immune system, and more!

Learn more about the many health benefits of ampalaya and discover why you should give Diavit Herbs a try.


Banaba is the 2nd major component of Diavit Herbs capsule.

Health Benefits of Banaba

  • Weight Loss
    In one study, researchers examined the efficacy of a blend of plant extracts – including banaba – on weight loss after a 12-week treatment period. After the treatment period, results showed that those who took the extract blend lost considerably more body fat mass and weight compared to those taking placebo. Furthermore, those taking the extract blend also experienced a greater reduction in hip and waist circumference
  • Diabetes
    According to one study, banaba and other natural supplements, including ginseng, cinnamon, fenugreek, and biotin have the potential to reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes. Banaba may also help with glycemic control and/or reduce the need for insulin therapy when used in addition to traditional diabetes treatments. Further findings from other animal-based research and laboratory studies reveal that banaba may help control diabetes. For instance, one study published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, studied the effect of the banaba compound corosolic acid. Researchers found that those who had ingested corosolic acid had significantly lower blood sugar levels ninety minutes later, as shown after an oral glucose tolerance test

    For diabetics, banaba extract can help to:
    • Control glycemic levels
    • Improve long-term prognosis of diabetes
    • Decrease the need for insulin medications in those with type 2 diabetes
    • Protect against fluoride intoxication, mainly in those with type 2 diabetes

Read more about the many banaba health benefits and discover why you should give Diavit Herbs a try.


Turmeric or ”Luyang Dilaw”  is the 3rd major component of Diavit Herbs capsule.

Turmeric in tagalog is “Luyang Dilaw” – a bright yellow-orange spice that comes from the turmeric plant. It is commonly used in sauces and curries; however, turmeric has also been used for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and medical properties for centuries.

Recently, turmeric has been touted as a super food that can decrease blood glucose levels, fight cancer, ease arthritis, fight depression, and more.

Health Benefits of “Luyang Dilaw” or Turmeric

  1. It can decrease blood glucose levels, make diabetes more manageable and prevent other diabetes-related complications.
  2. It can help reduce chronic inflammation
  3. It can help ease depression
  4. It supports healthy joints – it promotes overall joint health and mobility
  5. It promotes overall heart health
  6. It can help you maintain healthy cognitive function – it supports overall brain health.

Read more about the details of turmeric “luyang dilaw” health benefits and discover why you should give Diavit Herbs a try.

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