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You will receive your order after 3-5 business days upon confirmation of your order and delivery details.
For your convenience and security, our payment method is Cash On Delivery ( COD ). Which means you only pay when you receive the items ( Diavit Herbs capsules) you ordered.
Yes. All our Diavit Herbs products are securely sealed and guaranteed to be new, genuine, safe, and FDA certified. Rest assured that you will not be receiving any defective or damaged products from us.
Most of the time, one may end up taking too much of a single ingredient. Discovering the synergistic interactions among various ingredients is our primary specialty. All ingredients in the right proportions must be thoroughly mixed before a capsule is made.


The good news is that we’ve already done that for you through our Diavit Herbs product which is the right mix or combination of health power organic ingredients – Ampalaya, Banaba, and Turmeric . Each 500mg of capsule contains 250mg extract of Ampalaya, 150mg Banaba, and 150mg Turmeric for optimal health benefits.


The health benefits of Ampalaya is found in this link :

The health benefits of Banaba is found in this link :

And the health benefits of Turmeric is located in this link :


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Diavit Herbs is available nationwide! 

In today’s technology, it doesn’t matter anymore on where you live in the Philippines. Whether you live in the farthest part of LuzonVisayas, and Mindanao – as long as you have access on the internet, you can order Diavit Herbs online thru the official websites of duly authorized Diavit Herbs distributorsand also through the social media channel – particularly Facebook.

Truly – the internet provides convenience in doing your shopping at home.

Order your Diavit Herbs thru this official website by simply filling- up the Order Form as provided, then hit the “PLACE ORDER” button to submit your order. 


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Payment is Cash on Delivery ( COD ).

You only pay when you actually receive the product – Diavit Herbs.

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